We are wholeheartedly dedicated, as we believe April is, to providing for the safety of the citizens of Arcadia and our members. April has always handled our issues with thoughtful consideration and honesty.

Brian Ursettie, Arcadia Fire Fighters' Association

I deeply appreciate Mayor April Verlato’s leadership and support for our Community and Schools.  She is a very engaged parent and was part of the Arcadia Council PTA that went to Sacramento with the First District PTA for the Statewide PTA Legislative Conference in 2019 to meet with our elected leaders in the State Assembly and Senate to advocate for increased funding for Arcadia Schools and the 270 schools from Burbank to Pomona that are represented by the First District PTA.

Cung Nguyen, Arcadia School Board Member

From April’s idea to start a citizens financial advisory committee to her unwavering pursuit to pass Measure A, April has demonstrated a keen ability to lead in new directions and execute plans that will benefit our community.

Brian Ursettie, Arcadia Fire Fighters' Association

I strongly support April Verlato for City Counsel reelection.  April has the integrity, honesty, character and courage to represent ALL of the residents of Arcadia.  April has the background and experience to resolve the issues that affect our lives and families, while supporting economic development and land use that promotes our community of homes.

Brad Thompson - Arcadia Resident and Business Owner - City of Arcadia Planning Commissioner - Real Estate Appraiser and Consultant

April is honest and exudes integrity; she continuously works to find solutions to issues that arise in the City collaborating with City Staff and residents. The success of Arcadia is of paramount importance to her.

Dana Thompson - Arcadia Resident and Business Owner - Neighborhood Watch Block Captain-Upper Highland Oaks

We need April Verlato on the City Council. She will finally take this City forward to where it should be with proper and reasonable residential zoning, neighborhood lighting and improved business districts. I’m voting for April and I urge you to vote for her too.

Former Mayor George Fasching

I first learned of April’s passion for our neighborhoods while working together on our Architectural Review Board in 2014. Since then, I’ve witnessed nothing but April’s absolute commitment to the community and its residents. Like most people, I’ll engage with our city government from time-to-time if an issue motivates me enough to get off my couch and do something about it. I support April because she never rests when it comes to advocating for the residents of Arcadia. That is an inherent part of who she is.


Lee Kuo, Esq.

April is not a candidate who is going to go along to get along. She is going to ask the tough questions and ensure our city remains accountable. Taxpayers and those committed to good government can rest assured that April has their best interest in mind.

​Former Mayor Gail Marshall